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Note for:   Robert Henry,   7 MAY 1801 - 29 OCT 1865         Index
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Robert Henry and his wife Elizabeth Downing were married in Londonderry, Ireland on 6/3/1820. Immediately following their wedding they left for America. They migrated across Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana to Texas. Robert was successful at farming and livestock business.

Robert and Elizabeth mad it to Texas just before the passage of the Mexican law of 1830 which made it almost impossible for others to come to Texas. Robert Henry served in Captain James Gillaspies Co, Texas Army in the Battle of San Jacinto.

The Henry and Houston families were freinds in Ireland. Robert and Sam had not met until they were in the army together. Robert was one of the men who helped carry the broken and battered body of Sam Houston on board the little vessel which would carry him to New Orleans for medical treatment after the battle of San Jacinto, and the declaration of Texas Independence.

Robert and Elizabeth owned Slaves. The house that they lived in was located in Brazos County in an area known as "Red Top".

In his later years Robert Henry became known as "Squire Henry". He built the first cotton gin in this part of Texas in 1840.

Several organizations in Brazos County attest to the memory of Robert henry. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Chapter in Bryan bears his name. One of the family's most cherished possessions is a leather-bound ledger containing the minutes of "The Henry Grange Lodge #210 from 1875 to 1888. Mention is made in these minutes of contributing to the new college which was soon to be built. This college is the Texas A & M University.

A small family cemetery near Bryan is the final resting place for Robert Henry. A chain link fence has been built around the plot to keep the cattle out. The marker at the head of his grave reads in part:

"Robert of the victors fo the Battle of San Jacinto...A staunch Presbytterian--Kept true to faith at risk of life...Prominent in Public life, he held Justice of the Peace Court beneath shade trees."

This is an article out of the Eagle by Anton Reicher, the date of the published article is unknown.

Book traces history of Henry clan from N. ireland to Texas Frontier
By Anton Reicher
Eagle staff writer

"True descendants of James and Margot Henry of County Antrim, ireland, betray themselves with a single question always asked of other suspected kinsmen.
"Is your ancestor the first or second brother? Or maybe the third or the Fourth?"
Five sones were born to James and Margot Henry in the early 1800s: Robert, James, William, Hugh and Alexander. All of them immigrated to the United States, and four of the brothers eventualy settled in Texas.
Today 35 - 40 descendents of these sons will eat Irish stew in College Station to mark St. Patrick's Day and to celebrate their Emerald Isle roots. Hosting the local Gaelic gala are a descendent of Robert Henry, John Herman, and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Henry.
The Henrys recently published a book, "American Descendants of James and Margot (O'Hara" Henry of County Antrim, Ireland," which describes the Henrys' arrival in America and their struggles in frontier Texas.
The Henry family hails from the region of Northern Ireland known as Ulster. Famous names that came from Ulster stock include Stonwall Jackson, Same Houston, David Crockett, Kit Carson, Woodrow Wilson and John Hancock. An unsubstantied family legend claims that James Henry was the great grandson of famed Virgina crator Patrick Henry's grandfather.
The Henry family enjoys a connection with one Brazos County's most famous founding fathers - Col Harvey Mitchell. Hugh Reed Henry son of Robert and Elizabeth Henry was Mitchell's brother-in-law. Mitchell, known as "The Father of Brazos County," manged to make the county the home of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, forerunner to Texas A&M University.
The book details a colorful history. Robert Henry was the first of five sons to arrive in the United States. Born in 1801, Robert married in 1820 in what is today Northern Ireland and came to this country on his wedding trip. James William and Hugh all immigrated together in 1821 when they were in their middle or late teens."[henry joshua.FTW]

Robert Henry is listed in the 1846 Republic of Texas Poll list page 75.


Note for:   William Henry,   ABT. 1806 - 1849         Index
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William Henry, was the first white child in Robertson County, Texas born.[henry joshua.FTW]

William Henry, was the first white child in Robertson County, Texas born.


Note for:   Hugh Henry,   ABT. 1810 - 1839         Index
     Date:   1839
     Place:   Marilyn, , Texas