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Note for:   Robert Ross,   15 FEB 1871 - 28 DEC 1913         Index
     Date:   30 DEC 1913
     Place:   Valley View Cemetery 918 Elm in an unmarked grave, Rocky Ford, Colorado


Note for:   Nancy B. Harrison,   14 FEB 1874 - 23 JUL 1922         Index
     Date:   22 JUL
     Place:   Valley View Cemetery in an unmarked grave next to her husband, Rocky Ford, Colorado


Note for:   Stanley Blaine Ross,   4 FEB 1913 - 24 SEP 1977         Index
     Date:   AFT. 24 SEP 1977
     Place:   Fort Logan National Cemetary, Denver, Denver, Colorado

Note:    [Yeager Family Tree.FTW]

[Fox Family Tree.FTW]


Cemetery in Denver, Colorado on September 27,1977 with full
military honors.


Note for:   Jacob Sterkel,   6 JUL 1898 - 4 AUG 1956         Index
     Place:   Berthoud, Larimer, Colorado


Note for:   Henry Leo Fox,   26 NOV 1906 - 17 JUN 1954         Index
     Date:   18 JUN 1954
     Place:   Washington Cemetery, Houston, Texas

Note:    Henry Leo Fox

Although the date of birth on his tombstone is a year different than
the birth date of his twin brother, Cleo, Henry Leo Fox, was born on
November 26, 1906 or 1907. The date on his tombstone is 1906. The
date on the tombstone of his twin, Cleo, is 1907. One of the dates
of birth on the stones is incorrect.

Henry Leo, called Leo, Fox died on June 17, 1954 of heart trouble
and is buried in Washington Cemetery in the family plot.

He first married Adelia (Delia) Hood. Two sons, Wesley Earl and
Jerry were born to this marriage that ended in divorce. Henry then
married again. There were no children by this marriage. His second
wife had children by a previous marriage.

Henry served in the Armed Services in WWII as PFC 813 Base Unit AAF
from Texas.

by Sherry Davis
Jan 2002


Note for:   James Elliott Scott,   12 OCT 1912 - 28 JUL 1964         Index
     Date:   30 JUL 1964
     Place:   Montgomery, Montgomery co., Texas (Boulevard Funeral Home, Inc. H.V. Denton #5396)

Note:    [Henry Family Tree.FTW]

James fought in WWII. He had a very tragic death. He was ran over by a train on July 28, 1964 in Houston, Texas.


Note for:   Mary Louise Henry,   20 JUL 1913 - 1 JUL 1993         Index
     Date:   5 JUL 1993
     Place:   Mount Oliviat Cemetary, Denver, Colorado


Note for:   Raymond Sterkel,   23 APR 1922 - 13 JAN 1988         Index
     Place:   Lot 988, Mountain View Cemetery, Longmont, Boulder, Colorado


Note for:   Elizabeth Baer,   1788 - 14 JUN 1864         Index
     Place:   Rice - Blue Cemetery, Henderson, Knox County, IL