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Note for:   Mary Quackenbush,   8 MAR 1753 - 25 NOV 1825         Index
Reference: Bill Marlett "John Marlett Ancestory"

"Gideon Marlett was born January 14, 1747/1748. Gideon died December 13, 1820 at age 73. Some sources (and possibly the tombstone) say he died December 13, 1822. His body was interred December 1820 in Jackson Cemetary, Naverine, NY. According to Herbert and Mildred Marlette's report, the tombstone inscription reads: "died Dec. 13th 1822 aged 73 years and 10 mo."

He married Mary Quackenbush. Mary was born March 8, 1753. Mary died 11/25/1825 at age 72. According to the Onodagas (County, NY) Historical Associations Volume of Revolutionary Soldiers, page 295, comes the following: Gideon Marlett, Ens. in 1st Company (Capt. Jacob Gardiner of 3rd Battalion (Col. Fredrick Fisher) of Tyron County New York consisted of what persently are counties Fulton, Montgomery, Ontario, Herkimer, Otsego, Tioga, and Hamilton.

Gideon Marlett and Mary Quackenbush had the following Children

John Marlett born 1/4/1772
Jeremiah Marlett born 8/20/1775
William Marlett born 12/1/1777
Peter Marlett born March 4, 1779
Abraham Marlett born 10/7/1781
Mary (Polly) Marlett born 4/15/1783
Cornelius Marlett was born 9/3/1786
Susanna Marlett born 6/13/1789
Margaret Marlett born 8/20/1791
Thomas Marlett born 5/16/1794
Isaac Marlett born 12/31/1797"


Note for:   Lottie Mary Chase,   24 NOV 1899 - 24 DEC 1912         Index
     Place:   Fairfield, Nebraska


Note for:   Ida Mae Rine,   28 MAY 1868 - 6 APR 1934         Index
     Date:   8 APR 1934
     Place:   Fairfield Cemetary, Neb


Note for:   Charles Christopher,   7 OCT 1884 - 14 NOV 1963         Index
     Place:   Retired CB&O RailRoad

     Date:   19 NOV 1963
     Place:   Lincoln Memorial Park, Lincoln Nebraska


Note for:   Campbell Rine,   25 MAR 1871 - 8 FEB 1951         Index
     Date:   11 FEB 1951
     Place:   Evergreen Home, Beatricce Nebraska


Note for:   Ernest William Krack or Craig,   17 SEP 1900 - 13 MAY 1981         Index
     Date:   15 MAY 1981
     Place:   Hillside Cemetery, Ft Lupton, Colorado


Note for:   Marie Billiou\Bilyeu,   ABT. 1649 - BEF. 1699         Index
     Date:   3 MAR 1649/50
     Place:   Leyden, S. Holland


Note for:   Peter Billiou\Bilyeu,   ABT. 1652 -          Index
     Place:   Stanten Island, NY


Note for:   Michael Rine,   6 MAY 1778 - 16 JUL 1859         Index
     Place:   Rice - Blue Cemetery, Henderson, Knox County, IL

Note:    Will of Michael Rine, proven 29 July, 1859
Knox County, IL Will Book

Transcription by Carol Evans, 18 November 1001
Linda Fox 1/23/02

Known all men by these presents that I Michael Rine of Township of Henderson and county of Knox an (sic) State of Illinois Farmer, considering the uncertainty of life and being of sound mind and memory to make and publish this my last will and Testament. First after all my lawful debts are paid I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Rine in lieu of her dower one third of the proceeds of my farm during her life also such articles of personal property as she may choose. Also one half of the dwelling House, to be chosen by herself. Also such portion of the Garden as she may choose. Two Milch Cows. two Hogs; it also my desire that the person who may cultivate my farm shall furnish her with fuel for fires. Secondly I give and bequeath to my son John Rine forty acres of land off my beginning at the South East corner of my farm at a stone and running West to the corner of Gattan's land- thence North, so as to include forty acres, the above described premises with all the appurtenances I will and bequeath to my son and his children during hs (John's) life. I also give and bequeath to my son John my Black Mare to use, and hereby instruct my adminstrators to appraize (sic) said Mare, and decut the amount (sic) of her appraized value out of the above forty acres of land (they my adminstrators fixing also the value of said land per acre). It also my Will that my Son John shall not trade or dispose of said Mare in any way unless by and with the consent of my Administrators. Thirdly I give and bequeath to my son Issac Rine Three hundred dollars, out of my estate, when subject to distribution. Fourthly I give and bequeath to my daughter Margaret Neal, Five dollars Fifthly I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Dunkle one hundred dollars, and to her children two hundred dollars, to equally divide among them. Fifthly I will and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Skinner three hundred dollars. Sixthyly I will to my daughter Susan Bear three hundred dollars, Seventhly I will and bequeath to my daughter Ellen Brown three hundered dollars, 8th to my daughter Maria three hundred dollard. 9th to my daughter Nancy Hammond three hundred dollars 10th to my daughter Mary Rine three hundred dollars 11th to my daughter Harriet Caruthers three hundred dollars. 12th to my Grand-daughter Lovina Skinner One Hundred dollars out of my estate when subject to division 13th to my Grad Children, -the children of Elias & Rebekka Hammond deceased - viz. Susan & Elizabeth an Rebekka Elias. One hundred dollars each.

It is my will that at the decease of my Wife Elizabeth all my personal real estate shall be sold at public auction and distribution made of the proceds of said sale to my heirs as above bequeathed and should any remain after said distribution It shall be equally devided between my the surviving (sic) heirs. Exceptions, my son John Rine, Mararet Neal and Lovina Skinner. I do also hereby nomiate appoint my son-in-law David F. Bear and my friend Jaes E. Gaston sole Adminstrators of the my last Will & Testament.

In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this Fourth day of July eighteen hundred and fifty nine and publish and decree this to by my last will and testament revoking and annulling all former wills by me made

Michael Rine Seal

Signed sealed and declared by the above named Michael Rine to be his last will and testament in the presence of us, who at his request and in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto
Robert Davidson
of Henderson, Knox Co. Ills.

Marion Hendriks
of Henderson Knox Co. Ills

State of Illinois
Knox County

We Robert Davidson, and Marion Hendricks being duly sworn do depose and say that we saw Michael Rine sign the foregoing instrument and that said Michael Rine then and there declared the same to be his last will and testament and that at the request of one said Michael Rine we signed the same in his presence and in the presence of Each other as subscribing witnesses to the Excecution Thereof: and we further state that at the signing Thereof, said Michael Rine was of sound Mind and Memory.

Robert Davidson
Marion Hendricks

Subscribed and Sworn to in Open Court this 29th day of July AD 1859 be fore Me
Leander Douglass
Co Judge

Remaining page entitled
List of Notes and Accpts belonging to the Estate of Michael Rine deceased

A Notes against I.F. Ball calling for Two hundred and Fifty dollars dated Oct 1st, 56 interest at 7 perct good
Do on George Dunkle for $100 one hundred interest at Ten perct dated March 14, 1857 good
Do on Amos Brown for One hundred dollars dated Oct 1st 1855 interest from date good
Do on David F Bair for Seventy dollars dated on Feb 1st 1858 six per cent interest good
Do on the Same for Fifty dollars dated Feb. 20, 1856 interest at 6 per cent Good
An obligation on Stephen Hammond (fow which a Horse is held) Calling for Seven dollars & 85/100 doubtful
A claim on Isaac Rine for $50 fifty dollars Paid
Balance on an execution on Hizer & Kirkpatrick Two hhd & Seventy dollars doutful
Note on Wm Skinner Eightfive dolls Doubtful

David F. Bair
Settlement day 3rd Monday Oct 17th