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Note for:   Lewis Krack,   22 SEP 1859 - 11 DEC 1935         Index
     Date:   12 DEC 1935
     Place:   Kit Carson Colorado

Note:    [My Family.FTW]

The Morman Church had censis records for 1900. This is a hand written copy and is shown in the scrape book. At the time of the Censis he was 40 yrs old, married for 7 yrs, was born in Missouri. His father and mother were born in Germany. They Immigrated to the US in 1855. His father was not Naturalized. Lewis was a Farmer who could read, write, and speak English. He wons his own farm (farm schedule #68) and the home is free.[Daniel Marlatt.FTW]


Note for:   Chlora Jane Chase,   22 FEB 1890 - 1 JUL 1927         Index
     Date:   5 JUL 1927
     Place:   Fairfield, Nebraska

Note: Chlora Jane Chase was a very beautiful woman. She was not very tall, about 5 foot 2 inches. She had dark brown almost black hair. She had dark complexion. She had Dutch and Irish hertiage.

Chlora Jane Chase married Charles Christopher and they had 7 children.

According to her eldest daughter Phyliss, she had a very hard life.

Charles had a hard time keeping a job, so they moved around alot. They lived in Walt Hill, Neb., Deweese, Neb., Valentine, Neb., Fairfield, Neb., Kit Carson, Co. Sometimes, they hardly had enough food to feed the family. Charles liked to spend alot of time in town, so that left Chlora home to care for the family and work the farm. Chlora died at the age of 37 from Acute Gistritis.

When Lewis Craig was young, his family went to visit his grandmothers grave. They could not find her place of burial, so they went to the caretakers office. The caretaker discovered that they had built a road for the cemetary over her grave. The cemetary promised to move her grave, but they never returned to the cemetary to make sure that her grave was moved.