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Note for:   Caroline Fenner,   ABT. 1830 - 15 JUL 1899         Index
     Place:   Bassettville Cemetery


Note for:   Phyllis Mae Christopher,   1 MAR 1908 - 7 DEC 1981         Index
     Date:   11 DEC 1981
     Place:   Hillside Cemetery, Ft Lupton, Colorado


Note for:   Edward Riggs Mc Cune,   4 FEB 1829 - 21 DEC 1892         Index
By todays standard Edward Riggs McCune was not a big man. He had a fair complexion and blue eyes. He stood only 5 feet 9 inches in height. He was a farmer.
Edward Riggs McCune was in the Civil War. He enlisted Aug. 2, 1861 as a private in Company C, 41 in Illinois Infintry, at that time he was also listed as a private in Company I 182 of the Ohio Infintry. During his time in the Civil War he was wounded sometime in January 1862 and was sent home on furlough for Jan. and Feb. 1862. He was again injured at Fort Donelson on Feb 15, 1863 and lost his left eye. He also had Chronic Rheumatism from being exposed to inclement weather about May 1864. He was treated on May 5 and 6, 1865 and on May 10 and 11 1865 for Rheumatism. He was treated by the army again on June 30, 1865 and was discharged one day later.
He was dischared from the Army on June 13 1865 at Nashville, Tennesse on Surgeons Certificate of disability.
During the summer of 1872 Edward became totally disabled for manual labor of any kind because his Rheumatism had been growing worse each year. He was unable to support his family.
Edward and his wife Clarinda moved to Shibbaleth in the county of Decatur in the state of Kansas where he asked the army for an increase in his current disabilty pension of $14.00 per month on Sept. 29, 1882. He continued to have probles and since the loss of his left eye his right eye started to fail around 1879. He was enrolled at the DesMonie Pension Agency United States Certificate NO. 27434. On December 12, 1891 Edward again requested an increase in his disablity. He and Clarinda resided in the town of Shelden, county of Sheriday, state of Kansas.
For reasons unknown. Edward moved to Chechalis, County of Lewis, State of Washington with his daughter Myrlte McCune sometime after December 1891. (Some family members say that he had a highly contageous disease that he did not want other family members to catch.) He died on Wednesday December 21, 1892.
After his death, Clarinda contiued to apply for and receive a widows pension for the Army.


Note for:   Sattie May Mc Cune,   25 MAY 1873 - 9 OCT 1903         Index
     Place:   Bassetville Cemetary

Note:    [My Family.FTW]

The Morman Church had Censis Records for 1900. The Censis shows that Sattie was 26 yrs old at the time of the Censis. She had 2 children with one child still living. She was born in Missouri. Her father was born in PA. Her mother was born in Ohio. She can read, write and speak english.[Daniel Marlatt.FTW]


Note for:   William McCune,   ABT. 1803 - ABT. 1870         Index
Adams Co., OH Deed Book 40, p. 224 & 225: Sold: 2-27-1864 Recorded: 4-22-1864 60 acres $1,200.00
Wm. McCune & wife, Mary A. sold to ALEXANDER STEWART & S. J. LAWILL (All & land of Adams Co., OH).
Description: Land adjoins Brook's tract to a stone on the branch & to a stone on the north side of Little Three Mile Creek & to John Tucker's, Sr. land of 3 acres & 3 rods in John O'Bannan's survey #2043 & #9388 & 56 acres & 1 rod in Edward A. Stephen's survey #1751. Witnesses: Robert Tucker & Joseph Mitchell.

Source: Abstracted from ACO Deed Books at the Recorder's Office by D. von Storch - 1980's

From Doris Von Storch

Brown County Ohio Census

1840 Jackson Twp., Brown Co. OH., P. 231
William McCune
1 M u/5 1 M 5/10 1 M 10/15 1 M 40/50
1 F 5/10 1 F 10/15 1 F 20/30 1 F 40/50

1850: 969/980 Byrd Township, p.127
William 52 MW, Farmer, PA (Born ca 1798)
Mary Ann 47 FW, PA (sic) (born co 1802/1803)
Robert 23 MW Farmer PA
Edward 21 MW Farmer, OH
(Note between 1827 & 1829 this family moved to Ohio)

1860: 1007/1007 Jefferson Twp., p. 142
William 62 MW Farmer, PA Re=$0/ PP=$150
Mary Ann 58 FW NY
James 20 MW Laborer PA
(Note: Jeff. Twp.. was formed 1853 from Byrd Twp)

1860 1008/1008 Jefferson Twp., p 142
Robert 31 MW Farmer PA Re=$1800 - PP=$300.00
Mary 21 FW PA
(Note this family moved to Adams Co., OH)

RE= Value of Real Estate
PP= Value of Personal Property

Missouri Cnesus
1870 Grundy Co, Mo, Edinburg, Mo P.O.,
25 July 1870, 515 Wash. Township pg. 403 Line 28
Edward 40 MW Farmer, PA
Clara 27 FW OH
Laura M 6 FW OH
Charles R 4 MW OH
Ida B 2 FW Iowa

McCune in above household
William 72 MW PA
Mary A 68 FW, NY

Adams County, OH - Deed Records
Bk. 38, p 702: 12 Oct 1861 - Robert McCune (of Brown Co, OH) purchased from S. H. Hopkins & wife, Julia E. (Bothe of Adams Co., OH) for $1,100.00, 60 acres more or less: 3 acres & 3 rods in John O'Bannan's survey #2042 &9388, plus 56 acres & 1 rod in Edward A Stephens survey #1751. Land adjoins the following neighbors: Boone's treat & John Tucker, Sr.
Witnesses: R. Tucker $ R.W. Purdy
Recorded at Adams Co. Recorder's Office 28 Oct 1861.

Bk. 40 P. 82: 5 Dec. 1863: robert McCune & wife, Mary B sell to WM McCune (all of Adams Co., OH) for $1,250.00. This is the same 60 acres more or less described in Deed Bk. 38, p. 702, on 12 Oct 1861 (see above). Signed by Robert & Mary B. McCune
Witnesses: D. Tolle, J.P. & R.A. Edgington
Recorded at Adams Co. Recorder's Office 16 Dec. 1863.

Bk. 40 p. 224/5: 27 Feb. 1864: William McCune & wife, Mary A. sell to Alexander Stewart & S. J. Lawwill (all of Adams Co., OH) for $1,200.00. This is the same 60 acres more or less described in Deed Book 40, p. 82
Signed by Wm. M McCune & Mary A. McCune
Note: Mary A. McCune signed with an X makr.
witnesses: Robert Tucker, J.P. & Joseph Mitchell
Recorded at Adams Co Recorder's office ____1864 (Exact date cut-off on photo copy).

Note: Survey's #2024, #9388 &1751 are located in Sprigg Township (south of Bradysville, OH & north of Aberdeen), on the north side of Little Three Mile Creek & on the south side of the road. The road mentioned is probably (today 2001) Ginger ridge Rd., south of the Adams Co. seat of West Union.

The 1880 Adams Co., OH Atlas, p. 170: Alexander Stewart was listed as living bgelow Bradysville & owning a total of 188 acres, in Survey 9388. These surveys were orig. issued to those who served during the REv. War for the state of VA. Survey 1751 was orig. issed for 2,000a.

Adams Co. OH Cemetery
Boone Cemetery, Sprigg Twp., N. of U.S. 52 on E. side of Ginger Ridge Road. The Cemetery contains many unmarked graves. (Unfortunately, this Cem. Bk. is in alphabetical order & its unknown who James McMcune is buried next to).
McCune, James 11/27/1839 - 6/14/1866

Riggs Census Index - Ohio
1830 Brown Co., OH - Riggs Families
William - Huntington Twp., p 416 (near Aberdeen, OH)
Stephen - Washington Twp., p 350
Moses B. - Washington Twp., p 357

By Dors Butts von Storch - Jan 18, 2001