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Note for:   William Cleo Fuchs\ Fox,   26 NOV 1906 - 3 MAR 1919         Index
     Place:   Washington Cemetery, Houston, Texas

Note:    Cleo Fox

Cleo Fox, a twin to Henry Leo Fox, was born on November 26, 1907. He
stepped on a nail and contracted lockjaw and died at the age of
twelve on March 3, 1919. He is buried in the family plot in
Washington Cemetery.

by Sherry Davis
Jan 2002


Note for:   William David Fuchs\Fox,   15 DEC 1913 - NOV 1988         Index
William David Fox

Willie was a good old boy. Everyone loved him. He worked for
Stelzig Saddlery all his life. He married Ella Mae Raney and they
had one daughter, Linda Sue.

Linda Sue, born on August 11, 1942, married John David Sackett on
November 21, 1964. The couple lived in San Antonio for eighteen years
before returning to Houston and now living in Burne, Texas. Linda
is an avid and successful golfer. They have no children.

A handsome man was Willie at five feet and nine inches tall weighing
170 pounds with brown hair and big beautiful brown eyes. He had a
dry wit and was a charming man, easy to like and to love.

After his divorce, Willie later married Hazel Touche'. After
Willie's retirement, they moved to Wimberly. Hazel and Willie were
devoted to each other and loved their retirement days. Hazel was
previously married and had children. Her daughter, Barbara, married
Bob Wells and they live at Canyon Lake. Willie died. At this
writing I do not have the dates or name of cemetery in Wimberly, but
I believe he died in November of 1988. Willie is the son of Ernest
and Ida Fox, nee Stelzig and was born on December 15, 1913. Hazel,
too, has died.


Note for:   Hubert Albert Fuchs\Fox,   27 NOV 1917 - 6 NOV 1956         Index
     Place:   Brookside Cemetery, Houston

Note:    Hubert Albert Fox

Hubert was full of fun and love. He had lots of friends. He played
golf. He was a big fisherman. He could yodel beautifully. Many 'get
togethers' were held at his home for family, friends and co workers.
He loved flowers and had a beautiful yard and home in Garden Oaks.
He liked to shoot dice. He ran jobs for John-Mansfield Insulators.
Hubert contracted cancer and died at the age of thirty-nine on
November 6, 1956. He is buried in Brookside Cemetery in Houston.

He married Ruby Lee Carnes on October 21, 1939. They adopted a baby
boy and named him Steven Owen Fox. Steve was born on January 21,
1948. He is married and has a daughter. Ruby Lee's parents were
Grady Alexander and Minnie Lee Carnes, nee Collins. After Grady's
death, Minnie married George Carter. This couple was loved by Hubert
as he loved his own parents and it was reciprocated.

Hubert was born to Ernest and Ida Fuchs (Fox), nee Stelzig on
November 27, 1917 in Houston, Texas. Hubert was devoted to his wife
and son and the rest of his family including his special
mother-in-law and her husband.

by Sherry Davis
Jan 2002


Note for:   Elizabeth Pauline Fuchs\Fox,   29 OCT 1902 - 21 JUL 1977         Index
     Place:   Forest Park Cemetery, on Lawndale, Houston, Texas

Note:    Elizabeth Pauline Fox

Since her parents had eight children to raise, Elizabeth Pauline Fox
was raised by her aunts Bertha and Helena Stelzig and uncles Joe and
Charlie Stelzig, in the old Stelzig homestead, 302 Stratford, in
Houston. Elizabeth, nicknamed Betty, was born on October 29, 1902 in
Houston, to Ernest and Ida Fuchs, nee Stelzig.

Betty married George A. Bridgewater. George was a stenographer for
Texaco Oil Company. Betty worked at Texaco and later did office work
for her Uncle Leo Stelzig at his home.

To the marriage of Betty and George Bridgewater, was born one
daughter, Margaret, in 1928.

George was born on December 10, 1894 and died on August 30, 1954. He
served from Texas as BN Sgt. Maj. HQ. Det ACC.

In her middle age, Betty was afflicted with crippling arthritis. She
tried everything she could to get relief even putting her hands in
hot paraffin wax. Nothing really helped her.

Margaret married Johnny Price and they adopted two children naming
them Betty Alice and Patrick. They settled in the Arlington, Texas
area. After contracting cancer, Margaret's marriage ended in
divorce. She moved back to Houston, lived with her Aunt Louise
before moving into a care home where her mother was living. Margaret
died before her mother in 1976. After Margaret died, her Aunt Louise
looked after Margaret's mother, Betty. Louise died and then her
son, Robert, and daughter-in-law looked after Betty until she died on
July 21, 1977 at the age of seventy-four. Betty and George
Bridgewater and their daughter, Margaret Price, are buried in Forest
Park Cemetery on Lawndale in Houston.

by Sherry Davis
Jan. 2002