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Note for:   Sarah Bennett,   ABT. 17 JAN 1758 - 5 AUG 1831         Index
[Genealogy, Larry.FTW]

Sarah's father was a ship carpenter and was supposedly lost as sea.


Note for:   John McIntosh,   WFT Est. 1702-1731 - WFT Est. 1756-1816         Index
[Genealogy, Larry.FTW]

Referenced from Wabash County Lineages, Colonial Revolutionary Pioneer
Compiled by Deward C. Williams, Mt. Carmel, Illinois 1969 pg 121

John McIntosh, the British ancestor of the Wabash County McIntoshes married Margaret Ogg, whose brother Dr. John Ogg, was a physician and surgeon in the British Army under King Geroge III. John and Margaret McIntosh were the parents of John Ogg McIntosh.


Note for:   Jesse Alvin Hood,   28 MAY 1905 - 1963         Index
     Date:   1963
     Place:   Milano County Cemetary

Burial note: Source:    Perry C. Holder 1982, Milano Cemetary, (Book published my Milum County, Texas), Pg 267,
Last Name First Name LIfe Span
Hood, Jesse A 1905- 1948.


Note for:   Johann Balthasser Wollam,   24 NOV 1745 - 22 NOV 1823         Index
     Place:   Saint Clair twp., Columbiana co., Ohio


Note for:   Ida or Eda Stelzig,   18 SEP 1879 - SEP 1969         Index
     Place:   Washington Cemetery, Houston, Texas

Note:    Ida Stelzig Fox
(Little Eda)
b. 1879 d. 1969

Ida Stelzig was born in Brenham, Texas on September 18, 1879 to Anton
and Elizabeth Stelzig, Jr., nee Helt. She was ten years old when her
parents moved to Houston. Her father was the founder of Stelzig

In 1900 Ida married Ernst A. Fuchs, a veteran of the Spanish American
War. Pvt 23 US Infantry.

Ida is pronounced Eda. She was loving called Little Eda. She died
at the age of 90 in 1969 and is buried in Washington Cemetery, in

Little Eda loved to play the piano and she played by ear. She loved
flowers and had a beautiful yard. She was a good cook and her
children and their families all gathered at her home many Sundays to
spend the day eating, playing horse shoes and washers as well as good
old fashion visiting.

Ida and Ernst had eight children: Ernest C., Elizabeth Pauline,
Earl, Henry Leo, Cleo, Clara Louise, William David. and Hubert
Albert. Five of her children died tragically before she did. One
child died of a ruptured appendix, one died of burns and one died of
lockjaw, having stepped on a nail, one died of cancer and another
died from heart trouble.

by Sherry Davis
Jan 2001


Note for:   Ernst C Fuchs\ Fox,   22 OCT 1900 - 12 AUG 1934         Index
     Place:   Resthaven Cemetery in Houston

Note:    Ernest C. Fox

Ernest C. Fox, a lifelong resident of Houston, was the owner of Fox
Service Station at Washington Avenue and Riesner Streets. Before
opening the station each morning, Ernest would run a bakery route to
Conroe. One of his brothers would ride with him.

At his death he was survived by his widow, Teta, a daughter, Beverly
Jane Fox; Parents Mr. and Mrs. E. A. (Ernest and Ida, nee Stelzig)
Fox, three brothers, Leo, William and Hubert and two sisters
Elizabeth and Louise. He is buried at Resthaven Cemetery in Houston.
He died of a ruptured appendix.

Ernest was born in 1900 and died in 1934 at the age of 34. His
daugher, Beverly, married Richard (Dick) Cochran and live in Conroe.

by Sherry Davis
Jan 2002


Note for:   Earl Fuchs\ Fox,   30 JUN 1905 - 11 MAY 1916         Index
     Place:   Washington Cemetery, Houston, Texas

Note:    Earl Fox

Earl Fox was born to Ida Stelzig and Ernest Fuchs on June 30, 1905 in
Houston. He died on May 11, 1916 at the age of eleven years by burns
received by throwing gasoline on a fire in the yard of their home on
Dunbar. The flames came back to him and he burned to death.